There are times when business owners need some extra money to grow or maintain their business, and many wonder what the right choice in loans for their business is. If you need a large sum of money, more than a few hundred dollars, most lenders will want some type of guarantee that you will pay the money back. This means that for most businesses, business secured loans are the best choice.

Business secured loans are offered by banks in exchange for some type of collateral, usually some piece of property that the business owns. Another term for this type of loan is business collateral loans. Most businesses own some sort of property or stock that is worth significantly more than the amount of the loan they are asking their lender for. If your business owns a building, property, vehicles, large equipment, or some other item that is worth money, chances are you can find a lender that will be willing to offer business secured loans.

Like any other loan, you will need to repay the loan within a certain amount of time, called the loan term. You will also be charged interest, but the rate of interest is normally lower than an unsecured loan because the bank has a guarantee that it will receive payment on the loan. Business secured loans often have better terms and rates than other loans due to the banks assurance that it will receive timely payment on the loan thanks to the item that you offer as collateral.

Companies that have a so-called brick and mortar location have an important piece of collateral that can be offered for the loans. Most lenders will agree to accept the building or property that a company owns as collateral for a business secured loan. These types of loans are known as business title loans, and often offer businesses the chance to get the money they need without as many steps as business secured loans that use other forms of collateral. Businesses that operate out of an individual’s home are also a good option for business title loans, as the home may be used as collateral in some cases. If you are considering getting business secured loans, you should talk to your lender about what items they will accept as collateral for a loan.

As you look at different lenders who offer business secured loans, you should also be ready to provide some information about your company. Showing your lender that your company has a history of making income will help the lender see your ability to pay back your loan and may improve the terms and rates you are offered. If you have items or property that you are thinking of using as collateral, you may want to consider having those items independently appraised so that you can demonstrate to the lender that your collateral is worth a sufficient amount to cover the loan you are asking for. Finding money using business secured loans to help your business through a rough patch or to get the resources you need to succeed is a smart way to help your business grow.

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